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CamfyVision brings intelligence to real-time experiences and solve extremely complex problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Intelligent Traffic Management System

Red light violation detection overspeed Detection E-challan generation Wrong way detection & No parking Traffic congestion detection Vehical classification

Video Precis

Watch hours of videos in minutes Fold/Unfold video segment Condensed activity as evidence

Face Detection and Recognition

Least invasive identification technology Detect, Capture & Recognize faces Blacklist/Whitelist face matching Unlimited face database suppoort

Critical Infrastructure

Protect high-value assets

Our Work

Artificial Intelligence Based Face Detection and Search

Detection capability of face recognizer searches an existing database of faces and compares then with the faces detected in the same scene to find a match. Face recognizer providing real-time alerts upon detecting certain faces in the scene.

Our Work

License Plate Detection & Recognization

CamfyVision’s license plate recognizer taking into account variables such as movement and high speeds which are natural to the environment of vehicle monitoring. Real-Time searching can also be perform on each plate detected, comparing the information with a stored database of license plates.


Vedpal Singh, PhD

Founder, CEO & CTO

Gaurav Godbole, MBA

Founder & CFO

Nirmal Kumar Sirohi, M.Tech, M.Phil

Senior Quality Analyst

Ruby Sirohi, MBA

Business Development Manager

Sandeep Kumar, M.Tech

Computer Vision Researcher

Gurbaj Singh, M.Tech

Senior Software Developer

Anu Kundu, M.Tech

Business Relationship Manager

Kamal Jeet, M.Tech

Software & Android Developer