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Intelligent Facial Recognition

CamfyVision’s Intelligent Facial Recognition solution is a highly accurate and fastest identification technology that provides efficient results for improved security for various applications ranging from Transportation (Airports, Metro Stations, Railway Stations, Bus stands), Retail, Banking, Sports and Events and Universities, Colleges, schools, pre-schools.

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CamfyVision has best Facial Recognition solution in the market. Facial Recognition Solution is based on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning framework, which is able to provide real-time alerts upon recognition certain faces in the scene.

Exclusive Software


CamfyVision’s Facial Recognition solution is the outcome of several years of Research and Development. CamfyVision’s software is an exclusive solution due to its speed, precision and ease of use.



Our team is the brain and heart for CamfyVision. We have highly qualified individuals who are smart, capable IT experts , aligned with our values and objectives, we share a mutual passion for technology and doing excellent work for our clients and partners.



Everyday so many people travel by different means of transport. Airports, Bus stops and railway stations are the places where the crime habitually takes place and systems for identification of individuals can be very difficult to implement as the volume of people is high.


Facial Recognition technology identify shoppers, link them to past purchases and generate personalized product recommendations based on the data. As part of a wider analytics system, it can connect online and offline activity to create a smarter shopping.


The finance sector is plagued with malicious agents and struggles to combat fraudsters. Despite increased adoption of EMV cards and robust password creation policies, many banking customers are still falling victim to fraudsters, and it is costing banks enormous losses.


The Government bodies and armed forces have the responsibility to protect the citizens of the country. Their work involves using all the mechanisms to achieve their goal of protecting people. Amongst all these mechanisms Facial recognition.

Sports & Events

Violence and crimes at large venues become more common, Facial Recognition technology can be a great relief for the operators of sports and entertainment venues to help protect their employees, guests, performers, and athletes.


When facial recognition is used along with other surveillance cameras in a casino the database of past cheaters, the system can accurately and quickly recognize someone who has previously scammed a casino. In these surroundings.


The AI-powered Face Recognition solution is able to make sure the safe environments in University, College, School, Pre-school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty with the daily attendances and Access Control facility. Real-time alerts enhance the campuses security with actionable intelligence.


CamfyVision brings intelligence to real-time experiences and solve extremely complex problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Highly precise intelligent Facial  Recognition solution


Intelligent emotion detection software for marketing and feedback. 


Video Analytics solution for Video surveillance Application


Automated and intelligent Parking management software 



Advanced traffic management system to improve the overall traffic efficiency.


Retail software to stop the store Violence using face recognition and AI.


driver management system for safe and secure driving by using AI.


Ai software for solar cell detection  stopto high cost of maintenance for solar plant.


An automatic number plate recognition with
high Speed of Vehicle number plate detection and get
Automatic data analysing Tool. 

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