Everyday so many people travel by different means of transport. Airports, Bus stops and railway stations are the places where the crime habitually takes place and systems for identification of individuals can be very difficult to implement as the volume of people is very high. To solve this problem system of facial recognition with video surveillance makes it possible to take the advantage of existing network of cameras to facilitate the identification of specific individuals in crowds.

Facial recognition technology identify shoppers, link them to past purchases and generate personalized product recommendations based on the data. As part of a wider analytics system, it can connect online and offline activity to create a smarter shopping experience for businesses and customers alike.

The finance sector still struggles to combat fraudsters. Despite increased adoption of EMV cards and robust password creation policies, banking customers are still falling victim to fraudsters, and it’s costing banks big losses. Facial recognition software has a liveness detection which prevents hackers from using a picture of the customer for impersonation purposes.

The Government bodies and armed forces have the responsibility to protect the citizens of the country. Their work involves using all the mechanisms to achieve their goal of protecting people. Amongst all these mechanisms Facial recognition can be their key weapon to identify people across the border areas. Facial recognition technology is highly recommendable for this type of surroundings to neutralize any perceived threat.

Violence and crimes at large venues become more commonplace, Facial recognition technology can be a great relief for the operators of sports and entertainment venues to help protect their employees, guests, performers, and athletes. The system — which scans a patron’s image at the turnstile and compares their identity with a database of known troublemakers in seconds to avoid potential threats and attacks, also identifies the Players and other known visitors, VIP’s visiting the arena.

When facial recognition is used along with other surveillance cameras in a casino the database of past cheaters, the system can accurately and quickly recognize someone who has previously scammed a casino. In these surroundings, there is also a need to identify the presence of the best clients (VIPs). Facial recognition technology can be of great assistance in this sense.

The AI-powered Face Recognition solution is able to make sure the safe environments in University, College, School, Pre-school campuses can instantly detect and deter known threats to students and faculty with the daily attendances and Access Control facility. Real-time alerts enhance the campuses security with actionable intelligence.